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The Codehaus

Welcome to OpenEJB!

OpenEJB is an open source, modular, configurable, and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server.


We are concurrently developing two versions of OpenEJB and working on Apache Geronimo, which can get a little confusing for people trying to follow the project. See the new status page for details on what's going on in OpenEJB.

EJB Server

OpenEJB comes with fast, lightweight EJB Servers for both Local and Remote access. That's right, deploy your EJBs into the container system, then just start the Remote EJB Server from the command line! Or, put OpenEJB in your class path and use it as an embedded library through the Local EJB Server.

EJB Container System

As a container system, OpenEJB works like a big plug-in for middleware servers like Web servers, CORBA servers, and application servers. By plugging in OpenEJB these servers obtain instant EJB compliance for hosting Enterprise JavaBeans!

More information here.

OpenEJB moves to Codehaus

We have recently changed hosting services from SourceForge.net (sf.net) to Codehaus (codehaus.org). Codehaus is a smaller community of peers and is able to offer much more trust and control to projects than sf.net. At Codehaus, we are now able to fully setup and leverage the openejb.org domain.

Submitted by dblevins, on Thursday, March 4 2004 @ 4:32

OpenEJB to be certified with Apache Geronimo

Two ground-breaking announcements were made during the Geronimo session at ApacheCon today. First, the Apache Software Foundation will license the TCK from Sun to test and officially release Geronimo as a certified J2EE 1.4 application server. Secondly, the critical EJB 2.1 container functionality will be provided by OpenEJB.

Submitted by dblevins, on Monday, November 17 2003 @ 4:32

OpenEJB at Borland Developer Days 2003 in Poland

Our own Jacek Laskowski will be heading up a session about OpenEJB during BDD 2003 in Warsaw (Poland)

This is a follow-up to his article about OpenEJB-Tomcat integration. The session will also cover using JBuilder to run and debug applications built on OpenEJB.

Submitted by dblevins, on Thursday, June 5 2003 @ 3:53

The IDE & App server plug-in challenge

As a pluggable EJB Container system, there are a great number of places that OpenEJB could be plugged into; IDE's, App Servers, even your own standalone programs.

So, here is the challenge; plug OpenEJB into an app server or IDE of your choice and report the outcome to the user list. We'll collect the data and put it on the website.

Read the full news story for instructions!

Submitted by dblevins, on Friday, May 30 2003 @ 09:21

New CMP Guide

We've put together a one-stop-shop CMP guide that highlights all the fundamental CMP concepts. Contributions are welcome!

CMP Guide

Submitted by dblevins, on Saturday, May 24 2003 @ 12:43

O'Reilly article on OpenEJB and Tomcat

A new article on the O'Reilly Network features the new OpenEJB 0.9.1 and Tomcat 4.1.18 integration. Several new details about to integration are covered, plus new info on the TomcatEjbFactory. Overall, it's a must read for those looking to combine Servlets with EJBs.

Submitted by dblevins, on Thursday, February 13 2003 @ 12:43

OpenEJB 0.9.0 Released

OpenEJB is a pre-built, self-contained, portable EJB container system that can be plugged into any server environment including app servers, Web servers, J2EE platforms, CORBA ORBs, databases, etc. The 0.9.0 release of OpenEJB features easy Tomcat integration via OpenEJB Loader Servlet, additional configuration flexibility, and EJB validation tools.

Submitted by dblevins, on Tuesday, November 19 2002 @ 06:24

OpenEJB Thanks Community

The OpenEJB project has received such tremendous community support since our 0.8 Final release, it's time to say thank you to our community and give credit where credit is due. The amount of suggestions, feedback and contributions that have come in is overwhelming, it has been hard at work keeping pace. OpenEJB team has been working full-steam implementing your suggestion and improving the usability and performance of OpenEJB. The result is something we are all very proud of and represents a real community effort.

Submitted by dblevins, on Saturday, October 5, 2002 @ 10:17

OpenEJB 0.8 Released

OpenEJB has been an open source EJB Container-only project for two years and has received great support from vendors like Apple Computer. As of 0.8, OpenEJB comes with fast, lightweight EJB Servers for both Local and Remote access

Submitted by dblevins, on Monday, May 27, 2002 @ 13:27

Apple's WebObjects 5.1 featuring EJB support via OpenEJB

Apple Computer's WebObjects 5.1 was released today with an exciting new feature, EJB support! The new 5.1 release features a stand-alone Pure Java application server built on OpenEJB (EJB 1.1), Tyrex (JTA/JTS), and OpenORB (RMI-IIOP).

Submitted by dblevins, on Thursday, January 17, 2002 @ 15:46

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