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The Codehaus


Current Release 0.9.2

Download OpenEJB 0.9.2

Be sure to check OpenEJB's download page at Codehaus for new releases.

Current and previous releases that are available:
0.9.2 - June 5th, 2003
0.9.1 - January 12th, 2003
0.9.0 - November 17th, 2002
0.8.3 - October 2nd, 2002
0.8.2 - September 5th, 2002
0.8.1 - July 31st, 2002
0.8 final - July 27th, 2002
0.8beta3 - June 22nd, 2002
0.8beta2 - May 23th, 2002
0.8beta1 - May 9th, 2002

Fixes in 0.9.2 - Released June 5th, 2003

Download OpenEJB 0.9.2
[687404] java.io.FileNotFoundException: logs/openejb.log
[703049] CMP problems when embedded in Tomcat -- Database not found
[725781] OpenEJB 0.9.1 + Tomcat 4.1.24 JMX Security issue
[702265] Erroneous Code for HelloOpenEJB.java
[746771] Stateless isIdentical bug
[699025] bin/validate.sh use dos eol format
[658834] PrimaryKey loades twice
[699044] bin/validate.sh use dos eol format
[675760] Entity remove() doesn't work with Supports trans attr
[725352] Integration Support Servlet for Tomcat/OpenEJB
[749343] Tomcat integration tools: Object invoker
[749342] Tomcat integration tools: Class browser
[749340] Tomcat integration tools: EJB Viewer
[749338] Tomcat integration tools: JNDI Browser
[687162] Easier CMP Finder method deploy support
[744270] Create openejb.base variable
[540425] Make OpenEJB executable from any directo
[732017] Tomcat integration explicit checks for openejb.home validity
[698103] Config properties for Stateless Container

Fixes in 0.9.1 - Released January 12th, 2003

Download OpenEJB 0.9.1
[661151] Bean validation breaks deploy tool
[669572] build problem -- FileNotFoundException
[670462] Validate command not in openejb.bat
[645887] Tomcat ejb-ref support
[670460] Validator error message not clear
[662318] Validator Website Documentation
[662325] Documentation for openejb-jar.xml
[656321] Fix Broken Links in Tomcat Documentation

Fixes in 0.9.0 - Released November 17th, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.9.0
[618369] Missing ejbFind method syntax
[635643] Can't locate default.service-jar.xml
[618365] Assembly errors not printed to screen
[632824] Exception for bad XML in ejb-jar.xml
[632826] Multiple jars in deploy command
[618285] ejbLoad and exception handling
[618279] Home ref's get invalidated in some cases
[626453] Entity container abuses PK toString()
[630906] Easy Tomcat Integration
[635495] Service provider declaration enhancement
[540804] An OpenEJB configuration guide
[637560] Start flag --local-copy=[true|false]
[635489] Add bean validation to startup
[635311] CMP Finder FAQ
[633372] Write log files to a logs directory
[612133] Update the tomcat doc
[561572] Setup Tomcat to run with OpenEJB embedded
[630908] Support for Context Classloader
[619004] Create LocalInitialContextFactory
[633365] change OSTYPE parameter in every shell script
[612684] Hello World: with Linux commands
[611643] Add validate command to openejb.sh
[611640] Add validation to the deploy tool
[606442] Validate: PostCreate methods are impleme
[606445] Validate: Warn about unused ejbCreates
[606088] Validate: EJB Classes are in jar
[592129] Validate: Business methods are implement
[592123] Validate: Create methods are implemented
[606091] Validate: EJB, home, and remote classes
[632756] Need missing container error message
[631193] Update the ant jars to v1.5.1
[587849] XSLT files need some tweaking
[637572] Update openejb.conf comments
[620500] Upgrade OpenORB to 1.3
[540451] Remove org.openejb.corba.util.Verbose

Fixes in 0.8.3 - Released October 2nd, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8.3
[612648] Missing XML files in the distribution
[606364] openejb.sh: syntax error at line 16: `('
[612676] [openejb]$ help: help: command not found
[612674] WARN: config.0004
[615973] Use of i18n in OpenEJBException
[611638] Cleanup Exception Handling in commits
[616815] JDK 1.4 assert warnings: upgrade JUnit
[592101] Messages should be printed to the screen
[612686] Test scripts shouldn't start server
[612688] Cannot bind to the ip: and port

Fixes in 0.8.2 - Released September 5th, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8.2
[516975] BMP beans pooled after ejbPostCreate
[595960] openejb start -conf c:\any\openejb.conf
[603770] Fixes to BMP ejbLoad/ejbStore
[595958] jar -cvf breaks openejb deploy
[590854] MyEjbApplication.java doesn't work
[605360] Need to convert .sh files to Unix format
[604217] Complete logging and i18n API
[603785] Removed classloading in scripts
[603789] No more openejb jars in lib dir
[603741] Better mapping of transaction attributes
[603745] Warnings are logged for bad tx attribute
[603747] Major cleanup of SessionSynchronizations
[603751] Added transaction logging facility
[603759] TX manager code cleanup
[603761] Added method invocation logging facility
[603768] performance/locking review throughout
[603769] Entity pooling performance
[603772] Stateless instance pooling performance
[603775] Faster bulk session passivation
[603777] StatefulContainer: better exptn handling
[603778] Fixed session loss during passivation
[599761] A basic (connector) service example doc

Fixes in 0.8.1 - Released July 31st, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8.1
[587783] The input line is too long.

Fixes in 0.8 final - Released July 27th, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8 final
[587546] JDK 1.4 IncompatibleClassChangeError in KeyGeneratorFactory
[578801] Error, host [java.sun.com] not found.
[586208] PseudoTransactionManager fails on resume
[578954] Updates for old 0.7.9 style config files
[582624] Telnet Admin Console
[573120] Server status commands for telnet console
[578908] Remote Server Stop command for the openejb.bat and openejb.sh scripts
[581804] Remote Server Stop class callable from Ant or other client code
[587549] CMP: Get rid of source code generation
[563880] Design documentation for the Remote Server
[577453] Semi-automatically generate CHANGELOG
[578355] Refactor logging and messages for i18n
[587548] Castor should use log4j logging
[581805] Stop the remote server after tests run
[581821] Switch DataOutputStream to PrintStream

Fixes in 0.8beta3 - Released June 22nd, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8beta3
[563891] Bad client-side error messages
[565604] Setting the handler system property
[566953] openejb.bat on NT fails to display
[566961] deploy doesn't overwrite
[566966] typos in HelloWorld example
[563891] Need a sample client run script
[566967] sun.tools.javac.Main deprecated
[566974] openejb.bat help screen fails on NT
[573492] Zip should innclude the openejb dir
Scripts now pass OPENEJB_HOME to OpenEJB
Scripts now include OPENEJB_HOME\beans in classpath
If your OpenEJB configuration isn't found, one will be created for you
ProxyFactory element in the openejb.conf is now optional

Fixes in 0.8beta2 - Released May 23th, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8beta2
Fixed fatal file path bug affecting UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X Users
Fixed bug that prevented the Remote Server from starting unless additional command line options were used
Improved scripts
Optimized logging
Added '-help' and '-example' options to the 'openejb deploy' command
Added '-help' and '-example' options to the 'openejb start' command
Revised all documentation
Added several new docs, including a complete "Hello World" example, Deploy Tool docs, Remote server starup docs, and a doc explaining the use of Deployment IDs

Fixes in 0.8beta1 - Released May 9th, 2002

Download OpenEJB 0.8beta1
We actually have a deploy tool
Beans are deployed from their jars
The ejb-jar.xml is validated using XSD
The data in an ejb-jar.xml is validated with regular expressions
New configuration file openejb.conf, similar to the Apache httpd.conf style
Specify a dir where your deployed jars will be loaded, then just throw 'em in
The entire configuration is validated
OpenEJB services are now packaged in jars and deployed in the openejb.conf file
There are default openejb.conf and service-jar.xml, etc.
Scripts for launching deploy tool
Scripts for launching the OpenEJB/CORBA server
About 50 new detailed error messages relating to your system configuration alone. You should never get a mysterious stack trace
New modular build system
Fixed major bug in IntraVM serialization that severely affected the container-server contract
Complete rewrite of Transaction Handling, several bugs fixed
Rewrite of Exception Handling, now much more spec compliant
Added logging

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